Lan House


As an architect, there are many customers come to me for their future houses.

One day, there was a man came to me and asked if I could design his house to remember his unforgettable childhood memories.

After considering and researching for a morning, I made up my mind for my customer and started to design according to my customer’s wish. The new house would remind him of his childhood by bamboo pin-wheel in the front of the survey.

Making the modern house in the traditional world, was hard to be accepted for many people in his hometown because of the new concept of construction system and available natural materials in spite of that, after 1 year of constructing, the house was finished. The house brought to the town the new view of designing construction and made it more beautiful plus extraordinary.

The house’s accomplishment made my name more popular, through that, many new clients searched and came to me.

I am so happy that I can give a hand to build up and create my town more wonderful and attractive.

Lan’s house is located in a city suburb residential area. This house is fit for a Catholicism family with 5 members. It makes an innovated view for developing residential area around it, getting over traditional concepts of design and building over here. The house is divided into two floors, the bedroom and the common room are situated on the first floor, while in the second floor there are two bedrooms for children and the master bedroom. Each room is adjoining the void, the void is provided to accommodate the living entities such as fresh air, sunlight and wind can freely enter the house, thus, it enhances the quality of life for the residents become better and healthier. Everything is combined into a peaceful environment and comfortable living spaces, which can help you to leave away from busy work and enjoy life with family.